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Triplets In Care

Time became their most precious commodity

Triple Blessings, Triple Impact!

Last year, There With Care provided services to over 450 families with newborns receiving care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Having the time to bond and care for a newborn is essential, especially when facing long periods of time in the hospital. 

Meet Shannon and Corey, whose journey exemplifies the profound importance of time spent together. With Shannon hospitalized months before delivering triplets, Riley, Madison and Amelia, Corey found himself balancing work and caring for their two older girls at home. Amidst financial and emotional strain, time became their most precious commodity.

Through bi-weekly deliveries of groceries, activity bags for siblings, diapers and wipes, and toiletries, There With Care offered vital support that allowed this family to focus on what truly mattered—being together. At 6 weeks old, Riley, Madison and Amelia were discharged from the hospital, and the family is now home together, cherishing every precious second.

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