Redwood Produce Cares

The LeBaron Family

Redwood Produce Cares is a program that provides fruits and vegetables to the families of children affected by critical illness through There With Care.  Tim and Carolyn LeBaron started this program after learning about There With Care through their son’s local volunteer organization.  While visiting There With Care’s Redwood City warehouse, the LeBarons saw an opportunity for Redwood Produce to improve the grocery care packages by offering fresh produce. At that time, There With Care was relying on inconsistent produce donations through local food banks and sometimes having to pay full retail price.

Since 2018, Redwood Produce has donated and delivered bi-weekly to There With Care in Redwood City –  reaching over 1,481 families. This March, the support expanded to Colorado – reaching 654 families to date – and now will include the Middle Tennessee location.

The Redwood Produce Cares program aims to offer fresh produce for all There With Care families in their current and new locations in 2022.

Redwood Produce will also match the first $15,000 donated from the efforts of this campaign.

Please join us in supporting these wonderful families!