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Olivia O'Connor

Development Associate - Denver

As There With Care’s Development Associate, Olivia joins the Development Team in working to maintain engagement from supporters and determine unique agendas to exceed annual fundraising goals.

Olivia has spent the last seven years working with several nonprofits that serve at-risk youth. At Tulane University, she worked with children battling pediatric illness, serving as Director of a nonprofit which supports kids and families receiving treatment in Children’s Hospital New Orleans. She was deeply touched by this experience—interacting with children, hearing stories of diagnoses, both miracles and loss, and seeing her work result in meaningful impact for kids and their families who are in places of undeserved darkness. She saw first-hand how a diagnosis at a young age could reach beyond physical health. When she found There With Care, she was touched and excited by the similarities.

Olivia invests deeply in relationships and has a passion for connecting the needs of the organization with donors and sponsors who can meet those needs. She sees herself as a voice for kids, making her a great fit for this position. We’re grateful to have her on our team!

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