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Lorraine Michelle

Director of Volunteer Engagement

Lorraine is passionate about engaging people to participate in the lives of others. Her energy comes from the belief that anyone at any time can be in a crisis situation and need care and support from someone they do not know. She loves connecting compassionate and caring community members and exploring opportunities for them to take action and get involved. Volunteering has been an important part of Lorraine's life since the age of 11. Educated in non-discriminatory social work, her career experience includes a wide range of nonprofit organizations, here in the U.S. and overseas. Each of these nonprofits offered essential, and often life-changing services to culturally diverse individuals, groups, and communities. Strategically recruiting, leading, and engaging community members as volunteers has been integral to each of these experiences. β€œIt is an honor to be of service to children and families facing critical illness. Engaging with each and every member of our community who has it in their heart to share their gifts and care is inspirational. Through collective action the network of care surrounding families becomes wider and deepens, creating infinite possibilities."

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