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Kirsten Heckendorf


Kirsten Heckendorf came to There With Care as a volunteer for the organization with passion for its mission. She began working with individual families for support services and with the organization on different events and projects. She quickly became a valuable member of the team.

In 2014, Ms. Heckendorf helped launch a community space in Denver for volunteers and donors to come together on projects that support the programs and services provided by There With Care.

Ms. Heckendorf worked in the medical/legal for more than twenty-two years as a Project Manager and Director of Operations, providing medical and environmental experts (primarily in toxic torts including Anderson vs. PG&E aka: Erin Brokovich Case) with document management and research to prepare physicians and experts for testimony. Currently, Ms. Heckendorf sits on two water boards with an emphasis on water infrastructure and its effects on the environment. Ms. Heckendorf’s background includes strategy, management, conflict resolution and facilitation, and project management. Her focus is on collaborative efforts and a team driven approach to achieve the most effective results for all stakeholders.

Bringing tireless dedication and energy to There With Care, Kirsten has helped to expand the community of care to help better support the families we serve during a fragile time.

Ms. Heckendorf spends most of her time with her husband in Grand Lake, Colorado hiking, kayaking and paddling boarding. There With Care has been a labor of love with her husband and three children participating whenever they are able.

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