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Jenniey Thorson

Operations Coordinator

Jennifer's role at There With Care is a testament to her dedication and organizational skills, particularly in the management of the warehouse and pantry. She is responsible for a wide range of critical tasks, including the meticulous organization of these areas, packing and preparing deliveries, and procuring essential food items for families in need. Her involvement extends to receiving and cataloging donations, ensuring that every contribution is accounted for and utilized effectively.

In her efforts to streamline operations, Jennifer plays a pivotal role in assisting volunteers. She focuses on making their delivery processes as seamless as possible, lending a helping hand in various projects, and facilitating the ordering of specific family needs that may not be met through donations.

Jennifer's journey with There With Care began through a neighbor who previously worked with the organization. When the opportunity arose to bring her extensive warehouse experience to the team, she embraced it wholeheartedly. Her ability to implement effective organizational systems has significantly enhanced the efficiency of staff and volunteer operations, directly impacting the families served. Jennifer's commitment and expertise are invaluable assets to There With Care, embodying the spirit of community and compassion at the heart of the organization.

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