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Danielle Staunton

Corporate Partnership Manager

Danielle's role at There With Care is central to fostering robust and meaningful partnerships with both local and national companies whose values align closely with TWC's mission. Working hand in hand, we strategize and execute a range of initiatives aimed at advancing our mission, such as workplace giving programs, volunteer engagement opportunities, and participation in community events. By forging these connections and spearheading collaborative efforts, Danielle ensures that TWC can continue to provide essential support to families in need.

Having been an integral part of the Boulder community for over 15 years, Danielle has long been aware of There With Care's significant impact as a prominent foundation. Personally driven by her advocacy for youth, Danielle has positively influenced the lives of thousands of children by providing opportunities for education, mental health support, nutritional assistance, and social justice. As a parent of two children herself, the thought of any child suffering is deeply distressing to her, further fueling her commitment to There With Care.

With decades of experience in revenue generation for both non-profits and for-profits, Danielle brings a dynamic blend of energy, passion, and confidence to fundraising at There With Care. Her expertise lies in leveraging business acumen within a mission-driven setting to cultivate enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships.

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