Community of Care

With Gratitude.

We express our sincere appreciation to the supporters who make There With Care’s work possible. Because of our community, we are able to respond to the needs of families during a difficult time. We thank everyone who gave their help through financial and in-kind gifts, and support through our COVID-19 Response Fund.

*If you made a gift between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, and do not see your name listed, please contact so we can acknowledge your gift here.


Donna Abbate

Tom and Lari Abraham

Larissa Abrahamyan

Betsy Abrams

Rachel Abrams

Sal Abrams

Lee and Luanna Ackerman

Yolanda, Sue and Carol at Team Chop

Mary Kay Ackley

LTC and Mrs. S. Boyd Adams, USA (Ret)

Doug Adams

Kristin Adams

Elke Adler and James Callanan

Joseph Adler

Hilary and Eva Afshary

Michael and Olivia Ahnemann

Curt Ahrendsen

Michaela Aiken

Allison and Nader Akhnoukh

Barbara Jo Alameda

Gail Albertson

Elizabeth Albright

Rebecca Alderfer

Adam Alexander

Sara Alexander

Becky Alexis

Leah Alexis

Chris and Kristy Alfano

Sasha Ali

Renya Alishio

Riyam Al-Karkokliy

Christine Allison

Thaddeus and Val at Team Chop

Rebecca Allums

Mark and Jill Aloia

Nick and Micaela Alpers

Leland and Debbi Alpert

Michael and Kathleen Alt

Jesse Alvarado

Ambraziunas Family

Ray and Marsha Ambraziunas

Bunny Ambrose

Lona Ambrose

Keely & Shane Ammerman

Laurel Amsel

Michael, Serena and Bailey Amspoker

Terri Anchundia

Sarah Anderson

Valerie Anderson

Laura and Jim Andrew

Noel Clark

Tal and Robyn Clark

Ed and Martha Clarke

Elizabeth and Jon Clarke

Mary Clasen

Jan Clason

Amy Cler

Michelle Cleveland

Amy Clewell

Conrad Clippert

Raymond and Michelle Clopton

Steve and Diane Clouthier

Josh and Oakley Cobb

Emma Coburn

Zoe Cochran

Tony Cochrane and Chris Munro

Bailey Codo Foley, Ian, Charlotte and John Foley

Eoin Coffey

David and Sheila Cohen

Joey Cohen

Sasha Cohen

John and Rosemary Coleman

Nini Coleman

Cynda Collins Arsenault

Cory and Chevis Collins

Precious Collins

Shelby Collins

Lucia Comas

Jennifer Conard

Dan and Debbie Condon

Patricia Conis

Jarod Conley

Steve Conley

Lavelda Conrad

Brad Cook

Laurie and Jack Cook

William Cook and Sarah McKinnell Cook

Brett Cooley

Marcie Coolidge

Ali Cooper

Cathy Cooper

Elizabeth Cooper

Anthony Corapi and Anne Krueger

Anke Corbin

Mona Corbitt

Craig and Cammy Coronato

Julia Corortan

Carol Corsell

Robin Glickstein

Steve and Jane Glotzer

Susan Glow

John and Judy Goebel

Mellenie and Jay Goebel

Laura Goff

Michael Goldberg

Bob, Kathy and Mary Golden

Debbie Goldfogel

John Goldsmith

Allen and Kathleen Goldstone

Ryan and Jennifer Gombeski

Brian and Becky Gonzales

Andre, Linda and Natalie Gonzalez

Christopher Gonzalez

Tina and Nicole Good

Andrew Goodin

Christina and Rory Goodman

Susan Goodridge

Lisa and John Goodson

Gaines and Sue Goodwin

Nadine Goranson

Gina and Nick Gorden

Andrew and Stephanie Gordon

Christi Gordon

Nicole Gordon Headley

Kelly Gosnell Worcester

Daniel Gottas

Debbie Gould

Gina Graham

Helene Gram

Kathrina and Conner Graham

Liz and Taylor Graham

Jennifer Granbery

Carrol Grant

Carolyn Grant

Sean Grauer

Mary Grawe

Carrie Gray

Tiana Gray

Jeff and Julie Grayson

Mellissa Greenfield

Nancy Greenlaw

Anne Greenstreet

Gregory Greenstreet

Greer and Cook Family

The Wonderful Bin Blessed Volunteers

Alan Greer

Dr. Brian Greffe and Mark Donovan

Robert Gremminger

Kathy Gresh

Andrews Family

Andy and Margot Angstrom

Dave and Alli Angulo


Donnie Ansell

Emma and Mike Anselmi

Appel Family

Deborah Appel

Thomas Arizmendi and Janice Andreyko

Mirjam Arnesen

Felicity Arnold

Jeffrey Scott Arnold

Arras Family

Jonathan Asarch

Mike and Lachelle Ashworth

Kerri Assell

Jennifer Atler Fischer

William and Kelly Atteridg

Victor and Jessica Austin

Neil Ayervais and Jan Holmes Ayervais

Kaz Aylott

Barbara Aylward

Diya Bablani

Bacardi Family

David and Nancy Bacharach

Anne Badar Aiello

Burdick and Donna Baker

Elizabeth Bailey

Kate Bailey

Lila Bain

Kristin and Naomi Baird

Hilary Baker

Matthew Baker

Brent and Connie Balazs

Danny and Nina Ballenger

Tracy Balthazor

Carolyn Banion

Susan and Alex Barker

Michael and Charla Barnathan

Chuck Barnett and Honey Beuf

Niki Barney

Marsha Repaints Gingy from the Gingerbread Tea

Todd and Jennifer Barrett

John and Joanne Barr

Michael, Andrea and Izze Barsch

Adam Bartlett

Karen Bartlett

Hunter and Stephanie Barto

Ben Baruch

Kris Batchelder

Ian and Carolina Batey

Dave and Katie Battilega

Melanie Bauer

Gintaras, Pam and Lauren Baukus

Nathan Beauchamp

David and Regina Beaudoin

Mel and Gale Beauprez

Ana Lisa and Daisy Cortez

Joan Coryell

Laurie Coryell

Scot and Coleen Costar

Casey and Suzie Costley

Jeffrey Couvillon

Rhett and Lora Covington

Carol Cowley

Matt and Amber Cowley

Kathleen Crapo

Vicki Craver

Traci Cravitz

Matt Crawford

Teresa Crawford

Dan, Cheryl and Josie Craytor

James Creasey

Coleman Crews

Christine Crittenden

Stephanie Cromwell

Shannon Cronin

Crouch Family

Morgan Crouch

Charissa Cruz

Joe and Jane Crystal

Hang Cui

David and Jennifer Culbertson

Randy and Susie Culver

Sarah Cumming

Erik Cunningham

Jen Current

Matt, Lara, Gabe and Jean Cutter

Judith Dack

Bonnie Dahl

Edward and Sallie Daihl

Andrea Daily

Andrea Dalton

Lynn Dalton

Thomas Daly and Margaret Fitzgibbons

Whitney Daly

Lorrie and Stephen Dane

Lisa and David Daniel

Larry and Brenda Darling

Jill Darrah

Pam and Charles Darwin

Lewis and Paulette Dauber

Dave and Kathleen Davia

Chris and Darcy Davies

Gabrielle Davis

Gianna Davis

Joel, Cindy and Olivia Davis

Nadya Davis

Andrew and Brooke Davison

Andrea Davoll

Taylor Davy

Annelise Dawson

Emily Day

Dan and Debbie Day

Heidi Day

Will and Aimee Day

Darby Deal

Laura DeAngelis

Bruce and Cy DeBoer

Jordyn DeBower

Megan Dec

Candace Decker

Ethan and Kim Decker

Rich and Robin Gribbon

Grieco Family

Mark and Jan Griffin

Matt and Cindy Griffin

Julie and Robert Griffith

Svein and Sara Groem

Violet and Lillian Groenendaal

Trish Groom

James and Carol Gross

Adam Grossman

Grumhaus Family

Joe and Kristen Guerriero

Lori Guillaro

Amy Guion Clay

Teresa Gulock-Mundy and Trew Mundy

Shandele Gumucio

Lisa Gustavsen

Gutha-Turvin and Turvin Family

Carey Haas

Jason and Yvette Haddock

Cherie Lynn Hagen

Carol Haggans

Jack Haggerty

Jeffrey Hahne

Volunteer Leslie Records Items She Delivered to a Family

Miranda Haigh

Seth Haines

Gwen Hale

Julie Hale

Carey Hall

Ernest and Samantha Hall

Kevin and Susan Hall

Lindy Hall

Rod Hall

Hallberg and Hopfgarten Family

Gayle Hamer

Gary Hamilton

Jim and Tina Hamilton

Kallista Hammer

Rob and Chris Hannagan

Kimberly Hannah

Bailey Hannoch

Geoffrey Hansen and Barb Brabec

Hayley Hansen

Meg Hansen

Anne Hanson

Caleb Hanson

Susan Hanson

Diana Hare

Candace Harjes

Christine Harland

David, Anne, Brynn and Daley Harnett

Harrigan Family

David and Kathryn Harrington

Lydia Harris

Mark Harris

Rebecca Harris

Sarah Harris

Steven and Angel Harris

Ash Beckham

Clark Beckham

Barbara Behrendt

Tom Behrens and Danielle Renfrew Behrens

Nicholas Beidas

Laura Beirne

Bob and Pam Beisenherz

Allan Belden

Judi Belenski

Adrian Belinne

James Bell and Judith Lund-Bell

Nate and Patrick of Tender Belly With a Donation of 132 Cases of Breakfast Sausage

Vernice Bell

John Bellncula

Seth Belzley and Shannon Cody Belzley

Andrea Benefiel

Craig and Katrina Benes

David and Sheri Bengston

Dr. Josh Benjamin

Terri Benjamin

Andy and Samantha Bennett

Eugene and Sandra Bennett

Jeff and Lisa Bennett

John and Jan Bennett

Amy and Jack Benson

Cathy Bentley

Frank and Jennifer Bergen

Clove Berger

Patricia Berger

Nicole Bergeron

Elise Berlin

EJ Bernacki

Bernal Family

Leah and Owen Bernica

Gregory and Amber Berning

John and Nancy Bernstein

Casey Berry

Maria Berry

Sean and Sarah Berry

Joseph Berta

Robert and Anne Bertsch

Steve Berzon

Grant, Alex, Carson and Cole Besser

Joshua Betournay

Jonathan Bettcher

Betts Family

Lynda Beuchat

Marsha Beyer

Rachael Bhakta

Khaqan-Ken Bhatti

Jim Bienemann

Bryan Biesterfeld

Valerie Biggerstaff

Betsey Biggs

Beau Billinger

Darrell Billington and Alicia Alpenfels

Caron Blanke, Dirk and Ruth Bird

Dean Birkenkamp and Susan Jones

Linda Black

Claudine Blake

Pam Decker and Beth Saperstein

Mary Decker-Bruhn

Andy and Jessica deGortari

Dan and Denise Dehan

Michelle Dehaven

Mary DeJulis

Robert and Kitty deKieffer

Guadalupe Delgado

Ashly Dempsey

Catherine, Allie, Kate and John Dennen

Whitney DePalma

Carol DePasquale

Huxley and Kelly Dern and Aaron Greene

Chad and Megan DeRosa

Paige Brings in 149 Pounds of Food From Lafayette MOPS

Curry and Leslie Deutsch

DeVincenzo Family

Julie Devlin

Avi and Kristy Dhaliwal

Amy Diamant

Kent and Kiplynn Dickson

Anna DiCorleto

Heather Dieck

Angela and Scott Dieck

Bruce and Carleen Dierking

Randall and Kimberly Dietrich

Tom and Kim Dillard

Josh and Kate Dinar

Jay Dinkel

Kent Dinkel and Vicki Moore

Prerana Dixit

Rick Dixon

Steve Doane

Jeff Dodd

Stanton and Lindsey Dodge

Breena Dodot

David, Sarah and Chase Dolan

Susan and Craig Domeracki

Joanne Domeracki

Sharon Doney

Molly Donikian

David B. Harrison and Cindi Yaklich

Rae Harrison

Christina Harstead

Cheryl Hartanov

Duke and Pam Hartman

Jon Hartman and Elizabeth Henderson

Christine Harvey

Lynn Harvey

Sean and Colleen Harvey

Tyler and Sarah Harvey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haslett

Karen Hassan

Kristin Ransom, John and Phoebe Hatch

Bernard Hatcher and Stephanie Anagnostou

Sarah Hatcher

Alana Hatton

Joan Haug

Ha Hau

Hayes and Brink Family

Cray and Nina Healy

Darlene Heap

Leah Hebert

Mary Beth Heckenbach

Heckendorf Family

Katie Hegg

Lisa Heien

Tim, Tracy, Calvin and Klaus Heiman

Ozge Heinz

Ron and Bobbi Helart

Jeremy and Jane Held

Brian and Beverly Hellwig

Michael and Kate Henchman

Paula and Sammy Henderson

Janet Hendricks

Joseph Hengemuhle and Sheila Maloney

Dan Hereid and Kelly McGahan

Daphne Herrick

Emily Herrington

Daryl and Karen Heskin

Suzanne Heskin

Amy Hesselink

Julie Hess

Sarah Lincoln, Joe and Cory Hester

Robert and Carola Hibbard

Madilyn Hickman

Michael Higuera and Mimi Mather

Bert and Wendy Hill

Charles Schwab Stock Plan Service With 1,100 Pounds of Food Donations

Chris and Emily Himes

Elizabeth Himes

Hirsch Family

Ardon Hirschfeld

Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld

Erin and Haydn Hirstine and Cooper Sweeney

Ryan Blake

Tiana Blank

Carolyn and Kevin Bleicher

Keith Blesch and Meghan Fitzgerald

Annie Bloj

Cece Bloomfield

David Bloom

Jamie Blume

Kristin Blundell

Nick and Jory Bode

Elizabeth Boedecker

Sheila Boettcher

Rich Bogen

Barbara Bogner

Rosa and Bob Bojarski

Bret and Cindy Bolin

Rod and Colleen Bolls

Nancy Bolzle

Bob Bonder

Denise, Melissa and Henry Bonder

Dani Bondurant

Ron and Annette Bonelli

Paolo and Tiphaine Bonetti

Martin and Jacqueline Boone

Linda Borkowski

Borthwick Family

Kevin Bostick and Rachel Lyons

Kelle Boumansour

John and Patti Bowen

Paul Bowes

Heidi Bowman

Erin Boyce

Jay and Sue Boyd

Mike and Kim Boyd

Heather Boyle

Ken Boyle

Megan Boyle

Monica Bradac

Jim Bradley and Paula Doyle

Julie, Joe, James and Grace Bradley

Susan and Jim Bradley

Chad Brady

Kristin Bramer

Julie Branstrom

Cat Brant

Susie and Tara Brantley

Carly Brantz

James and Judy Brantz

Suzanne Bratlee

Aina Brattbakk

Peter Braun

Digger and Kristin Braymiller

Leslee Breene

Donald Brenneman

Averil Brent

Stephen Brett

Brewer Family

Rachel Brewer

Julie Brice

Kathleen Bridge

Darlene Brin

Wayne and Sara Brin

Elizabeth Brisson

Britton Family

Aaron and Julia Brodsky

Su Brodsky

Bill Donohue

Marcia, Ryan and Jake Donziger

Kevin Doran

Jonathan and Heidi Dormody

Peggy Dotson

Preston and Caroline Douglas

Alberto Douriet

Michael and Francie Downie

Jack Doyle

Toni Drabant

Terry and Arlene Drach

Casey Drake

Eileen Druggish

Dan and Christy Drury

Lori and Monte Dube

Braxton Dudley

Hayleigh Duell

Sean and Susan Duffy

Brian and Angela Duggan

Amie Durden

Tammis Durfee

Sara Durkin

Travis Duroucher

Virginia Dutkin

Brandon East

Shaquille Ebadi

Dr. Nicole Eberle

Stacie Edelman

Marcy Edelstein

Bruce and Karen Edgerly

Volunteers Jim and Dorothy Shop for a Family

Vicki Edgington

A Eggemeyer

Michael and Tracy Ehlers

Dr. Delphine Eichorst

Renee Eiland

Miranda Einhorn

Collins Elder

Steven Elias

James Ellenbogen

Jennifer Elliott

Natalie Ellis Berry

Jonathan Ellis

Caryn and Rick Ellison

Megan Elphingstone

Jane Elvins

Fred and Alexis Emich

Nina Engdahl

Anita Engel

Walt and Jane Enterline

Meghan Epstein

Matt and Meg Erickson

Todd and Natalie Erickson

Courtney Erker

Rebecca Essin

Drew and Timolyn Esson

Evans Family

Elizabeth Evans

Jolie Evans

William Hobbs

Hodges Family

Bill and Ginger Hodges

Chadwick Hodges

Matthew and Lorri Hodges

Marianna Hoff

Leah Hoffman

Nick Hofmeister and Heather Winner

Beth Holman

Dean Holmstrom

Michael and Sue Holtz

Jonathan and Jessica Hoover

Ted and Vicki Hopkins

Gregory and Tammy Horlacher

Leah Horn

Susann Horvath

Viktor and Christer Horvath

Ken Howe and Tonda Potts

Roland Hower and Susan Knickle

Nikki Howley

Amy Hubbard

Tracy Hudson

Dan Hudspeth and Trish Hoyt

Anne Marie Hukriede

Martin and Karen Hummel

Brian and Tucker Humphrey

Marty and Doug Hunt

Jennifer Hunt

Patricia Hunter

Mike Hutcheson

Becky Hutchinson

Chelsea Hwang

Dawn Hykan

Dr. Daniel Hyman

Steven and Krista Igoe

Steve and Christina Ihnot

Christina Iman

Sandra Ingalls

Nancy Ingerman

Roy Ingraffia

Ben and Samantha Isler

Tiffany Ito

Kiersten Jackson

Mark and Lisa Jackson

Cecilia Jacobsen

Linda and Bill Jacobsen

Steven and Lynn Jaffee

Mahmood and Rahileh Jamali

Shawn and Kyla Jamali

Jean Jameson

Becky Jamieson Yoder

Christopher Jansen

Deb Jarrett

Kathie Jarrett

Melissa Jeffrey

Louisa Jenkins

Marcianne Jenkins

Jenn Jennings

Bruce Jennings

David Jensen

Phyllis Jensen

DaLacy Jesina

Sherry Jewell

Lauren Brookner

Brooks Family

Ashley Brooks

Judy Brooks

Kate Brooks

Philippa Brophy

Kate Broussard

Angelita Brown

Anne Brown

David and Kris Brown

Automox Employees Bring in Holiday Donations

Eric and Beth Brown

Holly Brown

Ron and Arlene Brown

Sarah Brown

Tom and Emily Brown

Brownlee Family

Lauren Brownstein

Daniel Brunsdon

Robert Brunson

Mark and Ruchi Brunvand

Ellen Bruss

Nancy Brutsch

Angela Bryan

Cate and Steve Buck

Karl Buck and Mariana Garza-Buck

Mary Buck

Rachel Buckley

Kelly Buffington

Sara Buhr

Colleen Bunkers

Ingo Burghardt

Chris Burghart

Bonnie Burkhart

Judy Burlingame

Dianne Burnett

Shelby and Dylan Donate Items From Our Wish List

Timberly Burnham and Michael Brett

Marcia Burns

Kiri Burrow

Cathy Burson

DeeAnn Buschbacher

Andy Bush

Clay & Nancy Bush

Heather Bush

Joe Bush

Phil and Debi Bush

Briana Buskey

Dan and Laura Busse

Jane W. Butcher

Greg Butler

Julianne Butler

Monica Butler

Randy and Katherine Butler

Sara Buzze Stockdale

Kelsie Byrd

Perlita Byrne-Herzog

Matt and Sue Cahill

Margie Cain

Danielle Calabrese

Jimmy Calano

Teresa Caldaro

Karen and Cannon Calderone

John and Kathy Caldwell

Margaret Caldwell

Ashley Calhoun and Hollie Seeley

Oliver Evans

Tony and Sue Fagan

Wendfal and Chad Fahlenkamp

Tonya Fallows

Patricia Farrell

Doris Fasbender and Elizabeth Otto

Alexis Fasseas

Dianne Fegley

Rich Feit

Sue Feld

Adam Fell

Tom Felton

Lynnell Fender

Rotae Ferencz

Scott and Susan Fernau

Jason Fettig

Jim and Laura Fick

Diana Fields

Fields Family

Shawn Fields

Alice Fiori and Bill, Dawson and Spencer Campbell

Amy and Jordan Fisher

Donna Fisher

Eddie and Rhiannon Fisher

Karen Fisher

Kelley Fisher

Kathleen FitzCallaghan

Bill and Paula Fitzgerald

Sean Flaherty

Amira Flores

Kenneth Flowe

Eve Fogarty

Erik Fogg

Pamela Foley Faello

Graeme Forbes

Russ Forester

Laura Forni

Nick and Helen Forster

Sue Forward Wristen

Megan, Maya and Harper Foskett

Devin Fothergill

Ashley Fouts

Kassandra Fouts

Frank Fowler and Lisanne Libner

Angela and Dan Fox

Joe and Jenny Francisco

Zachary and Lyssa Franckowiak

Rodney Franklin

Brian and Amy Frederick

Matthew Frederick

Jessica Fredericksen

Lauren Freifeld

Marcia Frew

Allyson Friday

Friedman and Botansky Family

Kim Friel

Isabelle Fries

Guy and Michelle Fromme

Allyson Frusciano

Cynthia Jimes

Lillian Joe

Craig and Nui Johnson

Germaine Johnson and Ronan Tillotson

Mark and Sandra Johnson

Paul and Kathleen Johnson

Rob Johnson

Robin Johnson

S. Brent Johnson

Shelby Johnson

Taylor Johnson

Elizabeth Johnston and Tristan Blatenford

Helayne Jones

Jonathan and Karen Jones

Madelyn Jones

Michelle Jones

Scott and Lisa Jones

Dave and Nancy Jordan

Phil and Brenda Jordan

Tami Jorden

Jannee Joy

Robin Jugl

Eboni Justice

Martha Kabacoff

Alison Kadans

Janelle Kahn

Kimberly Kalan

Jay and Michelle Kalinski

Mike Kalush and Anne Trujillo Kalush

Beth Ann Kaminkow

Paul Kammermeier

Troy and Natalie Kamphuis

Krysten Kamps

Kang Family

Karr Family

Lori Kashman

Howard and Tanis Duncan Kashman

Franklin and Judy Kasle

Marla Katz

Steve and Kandace Kauffmann

Justin Kauflin

Amy Kaufman

Elizabeth Keating

Sally Keefe

Catlyn Keenan

John, Mindy, Jacob and Kayla Kefer

Anne Keller

Donald Keller

Ann Kelly

Maurine Kelly

David, Kathleen, Courtney, Chelsea and Carly Kempf

Shayna Kendrick

Holly Kennedy

Kevin and Lauren Kennedy

Terrence and Barb Kenyon

Nina Khosravi

Caress Kiere

Tiffany Kieu

Buckingham Strategic Wealth Volunteer Group

Jamie and Heather Kilcoyne

Val Kindred and Melissa Heitmann

Gwen King

Kate King

Nancy King

Dr. Lois and David Kinney

Freddy and Remy Camalier

Darcie Canales

Ariane Canas

Matthew, Emersyn and Emily Cantrell

Sue Capitelli

Deborah Caplan

Nora Caplan

Debra Caplin

Lisa Cargerman

Michael Carius

Charles and Linda Carlson

Teri Carlson and Bradley Haag

Debbie Carollo

Carpenter Family

Marc and Vicki Carpenter

Sally Carpenter

Jim and Jen Carr

Aileen Carrigan

Douglas and Janice Carroll

Mark C. Carson

Jennifer Carson Osborn

Joe and Brooke Carter

Sharon Carter

Jesse Carver and Tina Mueh

Mark and Nancy Casella

Christie Castellano

Krista Castellino

Alison Castro

Jeanne Cate

Erin and Tim Cavanaugh

Nicole Cecil

Leslie Cerezo

Kristine Chan-Lizardo

Chandler Family

Jack Chang and Tianying Liu

Isaiah, Charlene and Harold Chapin

Mark and Stephanie Chapman

David Charmatz

Susan Chase

Tasnim Chaudry

Tad Frysinger and Carol Frank

Angela Fulcher

Ed and Jane Fuller

Lori Fuller

William Fuller M.D. and Peggy Larson

Ken and Krista Furie

Chris, Nicole, Jack and Will Furman

Nell Gable

Kyr, Kris and Isabel Gaganidze

Kris Galbreath

Bradley and Christie Gammill

Richard and Jodi Garceau

Ashley Garcia

Robert and Marie Garcia

Victoria Garcia

Janette Gardiner

Garfinkel Family

Michael and Darcy Garland

Madison Garver

Robert and Yvonne Garvin

Gastis Family

Gary Gaudin

Johanne Gaudreau

Ryan and Amy Gebhardt

Annie Gee

Toni Geer

Deshae Gehr

Dr. Richard and Suzanne Geise

Peter Geise

Rachel Gelman

Ken Gerdes

Alli Gerrish

Bill and Rosemary Getsie

Nick and Heidi Ghiselli

Janet Giambrone

Chris Gibbins

Karen Gibbs

Jennifer Gibson

Cherie Gilbert

Tammy Gillespie

Suzanne Kiser

Jason and Greta Kiser

Dag and Leslie Kittlaus

Amy Kletzky

Marcia Klump

Mandy Kneer

Cristina and Andrew Knight

Wilder Knight

Jeffrey Koch

Gail Delivers School Backpacks Plus Groceries

Susan Kodish

Kellie Koenig

The Kohler Family

Sarah Kohler

Annette Kohlmeister

Neil and Debora Kolwey

Katie Koontz

Jeannette Kornreich

Trish Koval

Julie Kraft

Peter Krahn

Michelle Krajewski

Joel and Michelle Kralj

Daniel and Inna Krasnitsky

Lee and Barbara Krauth

Dana Kravontka

Cassie Krohn

Todd and Julie Krommenhoek

Robi Kronberg

Thom Kuehls

Gaurav and Allie Kukreja

Kara Kull

Jeffrey Kuo

Robert and Daniela Kupsh

George Chaus

Sandra Chavez

Wayne Chavez and Kelley Ryan

Michelle Chisolm

Susan Chong

Ann Chouinard

Project Our Town's Weekend of Action

Lee and Frances Chouinard

Jim and Susan Chrisman

Colette Christen

Marlys Christiason

Andree Christy

Elizabeth Cima

Reed Clanahan

Amanda Clark

Amy Clark

Mark Gill

Julie Giron

Gary and Donna Gisle

Tasha Given

David and Denise Givens

Peter and Barb Glanville

Peter and Elisabeth Glass

Holly Glessner

Ana Kursinski

Carol Ann Kuzdek

Kyte Krebs Family

Travis and Christine LaBerge

Amy Lai

Cherilyn Lampert

Scott and Susan Lancashire

Olivia Lance

Annlee Landman

Steph Landry

Andrew and Shelby Landsman

Terri Lang

Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling

Josh, Lynn, Sienna and Sydney Lannin

Aaron and Ann LaPoint

Andrew and Amy Larson

Elizabeth and Ella Larson

Judith and Donelly Larson

Enrique Lasansky

Lathrop Family

Lois Latorra

Suzanne Lavaux

Hannah and Brady Lavin

Annalisa Lavista

Dana and Quinn With Tomatoes He Grew and Donated

Lawless Family

David and Dorothy Lawless

Chelsea Lawrence

Nick and Molly Lazzara

Tina Le

Kelly Leach

Bonnie Leach Hill

Barbara and Bruce Leaf

Shannon Le Bel

Richard and Jeanie Leddon

Christie Leege

Andy and Laura Lee

Susie Lee

Abbie and Tucker LeFevre

Nick Lefferts and Annie Hansen

Virginia Leffler

Mike and Flori Legette

Patrick and Kitty Leighton

Joseph and Kathy Leininger

Sarah Lembo

Susan Lemper

Gretchen Lenamond

Cecil and Stephanie Lepard

Sandy Lepping

Sue Lepping

Mary Leprino

Terri Lerose

Kathleen and Michael Lersch

Alisha Leslie

Bill and Linda Letson

Karen Leuschel

Charrissa Levasseur

Jonathan and Lyndsay Lev

Scott and Laure Levin

Victor and Jennifer Levin

Sheri Levine

Bruce Levkoff

Christina Lewis

Dale and Kellie Lewis

Gary and Sharon Lewis

Justin and Kristy Lewis

Lauren Lewis

Michael Lewis and Linda Roswell

Jefferson Nutter and Diane Rieck

Jason Nygren

William Nygren

Jean-Paul O’Brien

Michael O’Brien

Richard O’Donnell

Shawn and Colette O’Grady

Rosanna O’Hara

Montgomery O’Neal

Ian and Stephanie O’Neil

Mike and Erika Oakes

Rich and Kathy Ofsthun

Candice Ojeda

Mike, Sally and Ellie Oliver

Matt and Elysabethe Olmstead

Nick, Kristina, Lars and Julia Olsen

Brittany Olson

Dan and Suzette Olson

Doug Olson

Inbar and Ranit Oren

Luke Ortgessen

Jackie Osborn

Mark Osborne

Jeremy and Krissy Ostermiller

Scott Ostrin

Michele Ostrowski

Alyson Owens

John and Bobbi Owens

Preston Padden

Becky Pahl

Kegan and Suzanna Paisley

Jay and Nettie Palace

Michael Palermo and Anne McEachern

Anna Palmer

Diane Palmer

Roy and Linda Palmer

Scott Palmer

Tammy Palombo

Melissa Parigi

Craig Parish

Bernadette Park

Erik Park and Kathryn Kowalczyk

Jina Park

Steven Parker

Vicki Parker-Mabe

Volunteer Kaarin Donates CrockPots

Stacy Parriott

Randy and Martha Parsley

Parsons Family

Lynda Pasma

Emanuel Pastreich

Amy Paterra

Bobbi Patterson

John and Melanie Patterson

Paul Family

Michael Paulus

Ioannis Pavlidis and Beanie Brady

Jonathan and Jennifer Payne

Scott and Juli Pearce

Aviva Pearlman

Claire and Craig Pearson

Julia and Drake Peavy

Josh and Rae Simon

Ken and Judy Simon

Lori Simons

Larry Simpson and Cindy Gordon

Gary and Marilyn Sims

Julie Singh

Rob and Paula Sinn-Penfold

Andrea Sitton

Terri Skalabrin

Brook Skidmore

Leona Slatnick

Ben Slavin

Mona Sletten

Aleksandra Slokar Darrah

Audrey Smallman

Amanda Smith

Amos and Kristine Smith

Brian and Brittany Smith

Brooke, CP and Griffin Smith

Daryl Smith, Patty and Madeline Petry

Deborah Smith

Glenn Smith and Juliet Boyd Smith

Gregory and Sylvia Smith

Isabelle Smith

Liz Smith

Millicent Smith

Rene Smith

Robert Smith, Jr and Terri Lee

Ryan and Courtney Smith

Sarah Smith

Smith Krodel Family

Smutzler and Hilden Family

Dirk and Leanne Smutzler

Lee and Lois Smutzler

Steve Smyth

Randall Snelson

Susan Snickers

Bill Snider

Howard, Jill, Maddie and Abbie Snyder

Judy and Marin Snyder

David Soares

Matthew Sodnicar

Olivier, Alieja and Damian Sokolowski

Marty and Pamela Sommer

Shira Souvignier

Mike and Jodee Spalding

Rob Spalding

Toz and Jane Spalding

Jason and Jenny Sparland

Julie Spear

Bob Spencer

Shannon Spezialy

John, Jill, Sam and Sophia Spiegleman

Peggy Spiro

Robin Spitz, Dan and Bryan Mitchell

Stuart and Murial Spitz

Shawna Sprowls

Joe and Mimi Spruiell

Heather Squires

Kelly Stadille-Manley

Beryl Stafford

Elizabeth Stands

Stanley Family

Andra Stanton

Gary and Jill Stark

Jacque Stauffer

Volunteers Shop for Family Deliveries

Michele Steed

Charlie Stein and Lyra Mayfield

Steven and Carol Steinberg

Michelle Steiner

Brian Stern and Marcie Levine

Steve and Debbie Stewart

Brian Stewart

Cassie Stewart

Connie Stewart

Philip Lewis and Cathy Pangburn

Elizabeth Lichty

Virginia Lichty

Dr. Ross and Nicola Ann Liebovitz

Marlys Lietz

Kerry Lightenburger

Dean and Karen Liley

Annelie Linder-Weterrings

Erik and Katrina Lindholm

JP and Holly Lind

John Lindquist

Dot Lindsey

Katherine and Tyler Linn

John and Anne Linster

Ettie Lipner

Alexandra Lise

John Lister

Scott and Lucy Littlefield

Clarissa Liu

Diana Liu

Lancy Liu

Alicia Livitt

Jaysi Llaneza

Brenda Llewellyn

Michelle Lobo

Melissa Lockburner

Sara and Scott Lockwood

Ann Lockyer

Renny Logan and Hillary Ellner

Jill Lohmiller

Margaret Lohr

Jeff Long

Ron and Jenny Lord

Kelsey Loughman

Chris and Kristin Love

John Love

Heather Lovell

Conscience Bay Company Employees Volunteer

Christiana Lucani

Lori Lucas

Priscilla Lucchese

Lund Brown Family

Sue Lundgren

Lunsmann Family

Luth Family

Brian and Penny Lynch

Trish Lynch

Deanna Lynn

Anne Lyons

Anna Lyttle

Tracey MacDonald

Rae Machado

David and Casey MacKenzie

Maureen MacMackin

Cam and Sally MacMillan

Christina Mae

Deborah Maglio

Stefania Maglio

Caitlyn Mahoney

Ryan Mahon

Karl, Julie and Will Maier

Shideh Majidi

Damian and Gabriella Maldonado

Steven and Gina Malecha

Alyssa Malezija

Sarah Malin

Eric Mallon

Chuck and Margy Malott

Chas and Brooke Maloy

Marisa Malzone

Meredith Mankwitz

Robyn Manley

Matt Mann and Tiffany Payne

Merret Mann

Annabelle Manresa

Andy and Kate Manz

Maurie and Sheila Marcil

William Marcum

David Marcus

Halle Marie

Natasha Marie

Robert and Cheryl Markel

Laura Markowski

Vicki Marley

John Marlow

Jane Marolda

Jesse Marquard

Richard and Jane Marquard

Laura Marriott

Bill and Michele Marshall

Don and Jayme Martin

Sweep Balayage Bar With a Donation

Jesse Martin

Susan Martin

Trent and Nicole Martinet

Jennifer Martinez

Max Martinez

Anthony Martini

Karen Marx

Lawrence and Jenifer Marx

Gordon and Patti Mason

Jim and Evelyn Masson

Jennifer Master

Kim Master

Shannon and Anne Matheny

Rusty and Carol Mather

Hugo and Becci Matheson

Kim Mathews

Laura Mathews

Jody Mathie, M.D.

Bradley Matthews

Dot Matthews

Duke and Dana Matthews

Gary Matthews

Glenn Matthews

Julie Matthews

Keith and Jennifer Matthews

Kenny, Cassy and Sella Matthews

Lucia Matthews

Justina Matthias

John and Pamela Mattson

Rachel Matz

Chris and Michelle Maughan

Stacy Peck

Kate Pedersen

Jill Pedicord Peterson

Claire Pena

Riley Pepia

Anika Pepper

Julie Perington

Lauren Peritzman

Dee Perry

Christy Persia

Curt Pesmen and Paula DuPre’ Pesmen

Sandra Pesmen

Patricia Petersen

Jeffrey Peterson

Mark Peterson

Brenda Peterson Pieper

Kendra Petramala

J Pfanis

Danielle Philina Aquino

Stephanie Phillips

Brittney Phua

Renee Pichette

Rory Pickett

Joe Pieper

Vicki Piers

Henry and Jean Pietrzak

Jane and Kaarin Pigford

Greg Pingree

Eric and Carrie Pirritt

Laney Pitstick

Stephen and Sally Platt

Don and Marjorie Plumley

Doug and Catherine Pluss

Jena and Travis Podoll

Mike and Cheryl Porter

John Powell

Howard and Beth Preis

Sandra Preis

Jack Preis

Anneli Preisig

Nadia Prescher

Katie Pribyl Dobbins

Nathan Price

Tennille Prichard

Susan Pringle

Carolyn Priola

Sharon Procopio

Glenn and Denise Proulx

Kori Pruett

Michael Puccia and Barbra Charron

Steve Pucher

Rachel Pudalov

Beckie Pulse

Charles Purshouse

Nancy Putnam

Sara Quackenbush

Alec Quaid

Matt and Anne Quallick

David Quigley

Mark Quiroz and Vicki Green-Quiroz

Daniel Radcliffe

Jackie Radley

David Raduziner and Diana Verrilli

Dan Ragland

David Rahn

Rajul Rajiah

Rawleigh and Kate Ralls

Judy and Marin of National Charity League - Boulder Chapter

Craig Ramirez

Janie Ramseier

Jason and Dawn Ranz

David and Nancy Raphael

Andrew Rapp

Carol Rapp

David Rathburn

Brian Ratner

Beth Rauh

Doug and Debby Rauh

Rupal Rawalji Deitz

Phillip and Gail Raznick

Erik and Megan Rebich

Kate Redwing

Sarah Reece

Robert and Suzanne Reed

Staci Reedy

Duer and Lisa Reeves

Alessandra Regester

Regnier Family

Robert and Carin Reich

Ann and Cameron Reid

Chad Reid and Jennifer Donaldson

Reiff Family

Susan Reilly

Virginia Reiman

Valerie Reinsmith

Steve Remmert

John and Kay Rennels

Paul Rennix

Michael and Danya Resetar

Princess Resister

Geula Resnick

Ashley Rheingold

Aaron and Robyn Rhinehart

David and Marcie Rhodes

Larissa Rhodes

Laura Ricci

Dave Rich and Kristin Kalush

Laura Richards

Cary and Jeanette Richardson

Scott and Christy Richardson

Rich Family

Robert and Myra Rich

Tom and Rebecca Rich

Anthony David Ricke and Denise Dollar

Elizabeth Riddell

Margaret Riedel

Stuart Rifkin

Rowland and Michelle Rincon

Michael and Mikhy Ritter

Stephanie Ritter

Dawn and Debra Ritzwoller

Ashley Rivas

Jim Roadifer and Tina Granato

Mike and Debi Roads

Dannielle Stewart

Robert and Carrie Stewart

Jim and Linda Stinson

Kevin and Courtney Stoddard

Alisha Stoltz

Barry and Dana Stone

Emilie Stone

Jason Stone

Kimberly and Sam Stone

Heidi Stonehocker

Avery Stonich

Michael Storlie

Elena Storni

Adam Story

Brett Story

Jennifer Stout

Patrick Stover

Annika Stowe

Glen and Bonnie Strand

Don Strasburg

Jennifer Stratford

Steve Street

Rob and Sarah Streight

Isabella Strimple

Jenny Stroud

Adam Stroul

Danette Stuckey

Anita Stuehler

Virginia Styer

Dennis and Maria Sullivan

Steve and Lauren Sundstrom

Jenny Sunker

Kurt and Bette Suppes

Paul and Anna Sussman

Nick and Lillian Sutcliffe

David Sutton and Michelle Lieber

Sara Sutton

Charles and Heather Swann

Teresa Swanstrom Anderson

Emily Sweetwine

Adam Swetlik

Kathryn Symes

Timothy and Mary Sznewajs

Christy Szoke

Vanessa Tapia

Becky Tate

Robert and Shirley Tatem

Julia Taussig

Mary Ann Tavery

John and Molly Tayer

Taylor Family

Steve and Mary Taylor

Suzanne Taylor

Stephanie Teal

Teed Family

Teigen and Bartels Family

Mitch Temkin and Rhea Leonard

Rosalee Templeton

Cary and Anne Tengler

Tenzer Family

Simine Tepper

Kim Terrell

Patricia Teuton

Shannon and Andrew Thackray

Amanda Thall

Robin Thall

Dr. Brittney Thall Bastow

Kasey Thall Steenbergen

Emily Thalman

Alli Theiss

Jane Theodore

Anne Theriault

Sharon Thiel

Becca Thomas

Denise Thomas

Derek and Stephanie Thomas

Meagan Thomas

Tommy and Lisa Thomas

Jane and Kate Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jim and Kathleen Thompson

Lindsay and William Thompson

Lucia Thompson

Prentice Thompson

Roy Thompson and Barbara Lillie

Lisa Thorne

Hazel Thornley

Robert Thornton

Joyce Thurmer

Mathias Thurmer

Veronika Thurmer

Laura Tidstrom

Sarah Tie

Tierney Family

Lavie and Colleen Tobey

Scott Tobias

Sheila Todd

Tara Todd

James and Allison Tolson

Karam Toma

Ronald and Lisa Tomaszewski

Sean and Sue Torrence

Andres Torres

Rachel Tracy

Michelle Trail

Laura Trammel

Nancy Travis

Sherlyn Tronco

Katy Truitt

Dr. Nelson Trujillo and Dr. Lori Jensen

Mark and Natalie Turnage

Kristen Turner

Geoff Turnley

Alissa Ulitsky

Stefanie Unertl

Edie Ure

Tamara Valdez

Leah Valentine

Albert Valenzuela

Cindy Vanaman

Kimberly Van Auken

Michelle Vancil

Kimberly Van Deraa

Del Van Essen

Sarah and Justin Van Houten

Wouter, Yolanda and Ella van Kempen

Jake and Meggan Van Kessel

Thomas Van Ness

Nicko and Jackie van Someren

Ani Vattano

Basil and Jennifer Vendryes

Joe and Janet Verno

Meghan Maureen

Tami Maurer

Sean and Lisa Maxfield

Ewan Maxwell and Emilee Osgard

Liam Mayclem

Code42 Staff Making Easy Care Meal Bags

Kelly Mayer and Pamela Jendrass

Karrie McBryde

Ed and Ginny McCaffrey

Jenny McCarty-Finkel and Ken Finkel

Alan and Alex McClain

Elizabeth McClave

Jon and Caroline McClurg

Marc and Kelly McConnell

Kevin and Kathryn McCown

Connor McCoy-Simmons

Michael and Cathy McCrann

James and Cheryl McCutchan

Dan McCutchon

Kay McDaniel

Renee McDermid

Ed and Isabel McDevitt

John McDowell

Kara McDowell

John and Deidre McElveen

Jim and Mary Kay McGann

Thomas and Nancy McGann

Nicola McGill

Mike McGoey

Shaun McGovern

Lauren McGowan

Lynne McGowan

Robert McGowan

Kristal McGrath

Lissa McIntyre

TJ and Molly McIntyre

Kim, Lauren and Olivia McKeen

Clare McLaughlin

Heather McLaughlin

Sarah McMahon

Ruth and Peter McMillan

Jenifer McNasby

Bruce McNeil

Jerry and Bonnie McNellan

Seth McQuire

Vicky McRobers

Beth McRoberts

Edward James Meade

Kathleen Meek

Ty Melton and Cindy Mitchell

Dona Mendoza

Leone Merchant

Bonnie Merenstein

Owen Merkling

Karolyn Merrill

Jay and Sandra Mesinger

Mike Mesinger and David Zupancic

Ed and Kathryn Messman

Dee Metcalf

Jack and Lauren Metzel

Charles and Colleen Meyer

Jeffrey and Erica Meyer

Steve and Karen Meyers

Sara Michaels

Gina Middleton

Cindy Miller

Cheryl Miller

Mark Miller and Sharon Mintie

Skip and Elise Miller

David, Rebecca, Hadley and Mia Mills

Dawson Mills

Jay Mills and Kiana Akina

Sole Mingo-Ordonez

Terri Miro

Geri Mitchell-Brown and Tessa Brown

David and Liz Mitchell

Doyen Mitchell

Jill Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell

Anne Mock

Christine Mock

Toby Mock

Marissa Moeller

James Moffitt

David and Catherine Moll

Sunny Monaco

Joshua Montague

Daniel Moon

Jen Moore

Penelope Moore

AnnaSophia Robb

Jim, Laura and Anna Robbins

Richard Robbins

Ed and Mimi Roberson

John and Jeannie Robertson

Michael Robson and Wendy Kahn-Robson

Alex Rocha

Allison Rocha

Jane Roche

Bill Rodgers and Diane Harpold

Jorge and Marlena Rodriguez

David and Georgianne Rollman

Susan Romano

Linda Rose

Maren Rosenbach

Hosea Rosenberg and Lauren Feder Rosenberg

Jane Rosenberg

Steven Rosenblum and Elena Hernandez Rosenblum

Donna Rosendorf

Neil Rosen

Rebecca Roser

Noelle Roshko

Brian Ross and Emily Andrews

Katie Ross

Natalie Ross

Brandy Rothman

Rothman Haji Family

Jim Rowe and Whitney Wheeless

Shanna Rowley

Devan Roybal

Doug, Jennifer, Case and Liam Rubingh

Jacque Ruddy

Sheri Ruder

Jerry and Julia Rudy

Mark Ruff

Giovanni and Aggie Ruscitti

Michelle Ruskanen

Lauren Russo

Martha Russo

Timothy and Mandy Rutherford

Tim and Lynn Ryan

Chris and Lori Sadler

Don and Ricky Safer

Suvarup Saha

John Salandria

Wendy Saltarelli

Elaine and Taleen Sample

Joe and Samantha Samsel

Coates Samuelson

Amanda and Linda Sanchez

Joshua Sanchez

Charlie and Leann Sander

Terry Sanders

Anne Sandler

Kari Sandor

Kristy Sands

Lenny Sands

Stacie Sands

Anthony and Felicia Santelli

Cherylin Saretzky

Eileen's Delivery Includes Birthday Gifts

Lisa Sauerbrey

Garret, Dia, Zella and Renner Savage

Steve and Judy Savage

Jonathan Sawyer

Kristina Scala

Tina Scala

Megan Scallon

Katie Schaefer

William Schaefer

Jessica Schaffer

Judy and Larry Schattner

Wren Schauer

Becky Schauland

Lindsay Scher

Rachel Scherf

Anne Schey

Schiel Family

Cindy Schippert

Laura Schmid

Pat and Paul Vero

Nancy Vickery

Mark and Joanie Vieregg

Guy and Alison Vigers

Rick and Sarah Vincent

Melanie Vogel

Lisa Vogt

Jessica Vom Steeg Campbell

Todd and Sue VonLintel

Adam Vonnahme

Lisa Wade

Ken and Tina Wagers

Eric Wagner

Bryan Wagstaff and Kimberly Zerbey

Amanda Wahhab

Kurt Wahlberg

Linda Wahl-Murray

Michael and Tami Wakeman

Dana Waldbaum

Adam and Sabrina Walker

Jack Walker

Michele Walker

Mike and Shari Wall

Dean and Mellenie at the Brown Palace's Grand Champion Steer Event

Brooke Wallace

Roderick Wallis

Jeanne Walsh

Erik Walstrom

Aaron and Jenny Walter

Evelyn Walter

Grant and Erin Walter

Lauren Walter

Dee Walters

Diana Walters

Natasha Wampach

Charlie and Stephanie Wanek

Bridget Ward

Liz Ward

Stacie Ward

Tracy Warner

Mary Warzynski

Gary and Debby Watkins

Chad and Kristen Watson

J Vance and Elizabeth Watson

Mary Ann Watson

Kimberley Watts

Charlotta Weaver

Janine Weaver

Jonathan and Carey Weaver

Kathy and Caitlin Weaver

Susan Webb

Erika Weber

Katie Weber

Stephen and Jennifer Webster

Mark Weddle and Shannon Daily Weddle

Lindsay Weil

Jan Weinberger

Ruth Weinberg

Sara Weinstein

Nancy Weiss

Jack Weixel and Sarah Younggren

Doug and Chris Wells

Mary Wells

Stacia Wells

Linda Wenger

Kristy Westnedge

Lia Wetzstein and Jeanne Neeson

Bill and Gwen Wharton

Jill Wheeler

Adam and Carolyn Whitehead

Barney White

Beth White

Calum and Karyn White

Christopher White

Gragg White

Jeffrey and Renee White

Kip and Linda White

Marti White

Mary Nelson White

Robert White

Emily Drops off Cereal from Twitter's Drive

William and Leslie White

Nancy Whiteman

Taylor White Moffitt

Gregory Whiting

Suzanne Whitman

Jon and Gin Whitney

Robert and Hilary Whiton

Baxter Whittington

Ramon Moran

Bob Morehouse

Knowson Moreno

Nicholas Morgan

Philadelphia Morgan

Robert and Amy Morland

Randy Morley

Chris and Edie Morren

David, Alison, Lee and Sarah Morrison

William Morrison

Wilma Morrison

Maggie and Mitch Morrissey

JJ and Darsa Morrow

Bernard and Kathy Morson

William and Jean Mortimore

Dana Morton

June Moses

Andrea Mosher

Michael Mosher

Jay Moss

Kimberly Moss

Tara Moulds

Brooke and Jamie Moulton

Melissa and Greg Mount

Scott Mowbray and Kate Meyers

David and Mariana Moya

Jeffri and Ginni Mulder

Joy Mulder

Mickey Mulder and Becca Holt

Brett Mull

Anthony Muniz

Dr. Bob and Catherine Murphy

Diana Murphy

Jolaine Murrell

Keir Myers and Molly Louis Myers

Michael and Robyn Myers

Diane Nagler

Roweena Naidoo

Hal Naiman

Sachs-Najjar Family

Steve Nakash and Carissa Lyle

Nakash-Smith Family

Andrew and Christine Nappo

Heather Schmidt

Robert Schmidt

Andy Schmieder

Peter and Mary Schmitt

Bill and Sharon Schneider

KC Schneider

Wendy Schneider

Mark and Magda Schoenhals

Kaite Schoolcraft

Don and Linda Schueler

Steven and Darla Schueth

Abbie Schuetze

Frank, Karissa, Megan and Zachary Schultz

Schusterman and Lee Family

Michael and Mary Lynn Schwander

Gary and Renee Schwark

Gregory Schwarzer and Lisi Kempton

Jonah and Lindalee Schwinnen

Elizabeth Scolnick

Amanda Scott

Laura Scott and Sandy Morris

Robert and Lila Scott

Anne Scotto-Lowery

Steve Searcy

Nicole Elias Seawell, Malcolm and Will Seawell

Joanie Seay

Phil and Gretchen Seefried

Michael and Rachella Seeley

Tom and Cheri Seeton

Morgan Seibel

Joshua and Audra Seiler

Margaret Selby

Jeff Seldin and Theresa Casey

Matt Sellars

Barb Senger

Amy Sepin

Caleb and Charity Sevian

Steven Shaddock

Jim and Dorothy Shadrick

Lisa Shanken

Kelly Shapiro

Steven and Sandra Wiersma

Nicole Wight

Karen Wigotow

Corky Wilcox

Nyah Wiley

Billie Wilkerson Pomarzynski

Andrew Williams and Carol Brice

Dick Williams and Ellen Olson

Edward and Sue Williams

Frankie Williams

George and Jody Williams

Katherine Williams

Randy Williams

Wes Williams

Lynne Williamson

Diane Willis

David and Sabra Willner

Christiann Wilows

Ross Wilson

Stephanie Wilson

Valerie and Kyle Wilson

Tamar Wimmer

Melissa Winchester

Jodi and Ellie Winicour

Lindy and Garrett Winkelbauer

Betty Winkler

Carla Winkler

Mark and Nancy Winski

John and Tish Winsor

John Winsor Jr and Emily Canova

Laura Winstead

Mark Wipper

Adrian Wisniewski

Rick and Diana Witherspoon

Ronald and Marilyn Witman

Barry and Elizabeth Witt

Lisa Witt

Jon and Jennifer Wittemyer

Mark Witter

Kathi Witulski

Terri Wolf

Greg Wolff

Todd and Eliza Woloson

Sue Nazarenus

Linda Nehls

Homa Nekoorad

Allen and Diana Nelson

Andrea Nelson

B W Nelson and Liz O’Reilly

Channel Maven Consulting Staff Volunteering

Justin and Angela Nelson

Perry and LizAnn Nelson

Jill Nepper and Patrick Sullivan

Craig and Heather Neugeboren

Farley Neuman and Sheila Brown

Gordon and Erin Nevers

Claire Neville

Shandra Newcom

Jessica Newman

Rebekah Newsome

John and Jennifer Newton

Judith Newton

Jamie Nicolson

Peter and Linda Niederman

DeMarie Niedling

Gregg and Sara Niesyty

Nims Brown Family

Bonnie Noble

Anthony Noblett and Cathe Read

Holly Noel

Terri Nordgren

Erin Norris

Debbie North

Kirk North

Judy Noskey

Linda Nuccio

Katelyn Nugent

Sara Nuttall

Pamela Sharman

Robert Sharpe

Mellody Sharpton

Catherine Shea

Dennis and Ingrid Shea

Emily Sheehan

Rachel Shelley

Corinne Shepard

Adam and Dana Sher

Cici Shick

Vicky Shields

Eileen Shiman

Dana and Penny Ship

Laura Shipman

Renee Shires

Audre Shisler

Neil Shives

Steve and Kristin Shrader

Brett Shrewsbury

Kay Sides

Mo and Jennifer Siegel

Amy Siemel

Sandy Siems-Fraser and John Fraser

Barbara Silberg

Brad and Rachel Siler

Allison Silver Adams

Debra Silverman

Justin Silverman

Bruce and Mary Simmons

Dennis and Kimberly Simmons

Jeffrey and Amy Wong

Joe and Pam Woods

Edward Woolman

Clyde Wright

John Wright

John and Kelly Wyatt

Jennifer Wynett Cope

Jason and Dani Wynn

John and Lavinia Ycas

Megan Yost

David and Debbie Younggren

Heather Young

John Young

Nathan and Briana Young

Patty Young

Natalya Yun

Julie Zahniser

Sam Zaitz

Steven Zakelj

Ronald and Susan Zapletal

Scott and Rebecca Zarret

Jeffrey Zax

Sheryl Ziegler

Aaron and Kathy Zimmer

Phyllis Ziring

Jennifer Zrubek

Meghan Zucker

Budd Zuckerman

Susie Zurbrugg


34 Degrees

40 Hands in Forty Days, LLC

100th Way, LLC

1313 Salon

Affinity Group

Affordable PC Medic

Alchemy Solutions Inc.

Alison Blair Studio


AMC Theatres Cherry Creek 8

American Financing Corporation

AMG National Trust Bank

A Mobile Locksmith

ANB Bank

Anglogold Ashanti North America Inc.

AnnaFesta, LLC

Anthem Branding


Art Squared

Aspen Green Landscaping Inc

Aurora Organic Dairy Corporation

Auto Repair Place, LLC

Avid 4 Adventure



Cardel Homes

Carl’s Jr.

Carpet Exchange – OFS Investments, LLC



Center Copy Boulder, Inc.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Chelsea Boutique

Cheluna Brewing

Cherry Creek Dance

Chewy’s Bonetique

Childish Things

Chipotle Headquarters


Chop Shop Urban Eatery

Christina’s Luxuries


Clean Conscience LLC

Clean Republic


Cocktail Caravan


Colby Evans – Photography

Collectors Care

Colorado Railroad Museum

Farmers Insurance

Febert & Associates, LLC

Federated Hermes

F H Insurance

First Watch

Flagstaff House

Flamingo Wines

Flatirons Bank

Flatirons Subaru

Fleurt Floral Design


Foothills Hospital Gift Shop

Force Brands

Fresh Thymes Eatery

Jennifer of Leela Grace Jewelry Presents a Check

Front Range Anglers

Fulcrum Energy Capital

Gateaux Bakery

Global Wealth Strategies & Associates

Glow for a Cause

U.S. Engineering Collected Food, Diapers and More


Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program

GolfTEC Headquarters

Good Feet

Good Karma Cleaners, LLC


Backflip Studios

Baja In The Rockies, LLC

Ball Corporation

Barbara & Company

Bar Louie Belmar

Barnes and Noble Booksellers

Barre3 Belleview Station


Battelle Always Giving Fund

BBA Water Consultants, Inc

BBVA Compass Bank

BC Interiors

Beau Visage

Big Bill’s New York Pizza

Big Mike Naughton Ford

Big Red F Restaurant Group

Black Cat

Black Lab Sports

Blazen Illuminations, LLC

Blount Fine Foods

Blue Federal Credit Union

Morgan and Scott of Flatirons Subaru Drop Off Activity Kits and Blankets

Blue Moose of Boulder


Bonnie Brae Ice Cream

Books For Humanity

Boulder Ballet

Boulder Beer Company

Boulder Country Club

Boulder Food and Wine Festival

Boulder Medicinals

Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra

Boxwell LLC


Breckenridge Distillery

Brooks Energy Company

Bustle Media

by elke

Caitina Corp

California Closets

Canvas and Cocktails

Colorado Sprinkler Service



Compass Real Estate

Complete Physique Boulder

Concept Restaurant Group

Conga AppExtremes, LLC

Conscience Bay Company

Conscious Coffees

Consilium Property Group, LLC

Core Power Yoga – Stapleton

Cosmo’s Pizza

Costin PDR Inc.

Courageous Soaps

Courtyard by Marriott

Creekside Cellars

Cuban Fusion

Culinary Creative


Davidson Gebhardt Chevrolet

DaVita HealthCare Partners, Inc.

ddms, inc.

Dean Callan & Company, Inc.

Dell Technologies

Denver Broncos

Denver Center For The Performing Arts

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Denver Osteopathic Foundation

Discount Tire

Dish Gourmet

Divine Canine

DSB Sounds

Dual Star Academy of Dance

Dunraven Campers

Earls Kitchen and Bar

Earth Treks


Eco Products

Eide Bailly – Boulder

Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Elkhorn Fly Shop

Engineered Products

Enodia Financial Technology Services, Inc.

Ent Federal Credit Union

Etai’s Bakery Cafe


Eureka! Boulder

Exposure Labs

Extreme Piano Moving Inc.

Great West Financial

GritnGrace Enterprises, LLC

Grove Street Alchemy

Growing Compassion

Growing Gardens


Hamilton Family Farms, LLC

Hamilton Wealth Group

Happy Bakeshop

Happy Fit LLC

HATCh Inc.

Hatch RE/MAX of Boulder, Inc.


History Colorado Center

Holman Enterprises

Homefest Decor Denver Co

Hong Kong Cafe Restaurant

IHS Markit

Independent Financial

Infiniti of Denver

Infinity Business Leaders

Infinity Food Group

Inspired Properties, LLC

Ithaca Development, LLC

Iyengar Yoga Center Boulder, LLC

J & L Distillery

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of J&J – Janssen Cares Contributions Fund

JL Essencials, Ltd.


JMAC Marketing, LLC

John’s Cleaners

John Atencio – Denver

Johnson & Johnson

Journey Chiropractic

Kat Allen Design LLC

KCD Bookkeeping LLC

KeHE Distributors

Keller Williams

Kendra Scott

Kevin’s Automotive Services, LLC

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment



Lake Valley Golf Club

Landry’s Restaurants

La Tolteca Foods

Ledson Winery & Vineyards

Leela Grace Jewelry

Leman Academy of Excellence

Liberty Communications

Life Alive Chiropractic

Little Secrets

Lone Tree Pediatric Dentistry

Bobo's Employees, Including Founder Beryl, Volunteering

Love Your Melon

Lucky’s Bakehouse and Creamery

Lund Brown Enterprises

Lynn Ryan, Inc.

Macy’s Inc

Mad Greens

Maria Jose Jewelry

Mark Wehde Insurance Agency, Inc

Maruca Design

Marx Okubo

Maverick Wine Company

MAX Clothing Store, Inc.

McNeil Designer Portraits


Melton Design Build

Michelle Trudgeon Properties

Mici Handcrafted Italian

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Mile High Bike Tours

Missy J’s

Mogul Mortgage, LLC

Moltobella Eshop

MouCo Cheese Company

Mountain Kids Louisville, LLC

Moxie Bread Company

M Tek Corporation


Mystery Box Ltd.

Neptune Society



New York Life

Sweet Nora in a Donated BraveHoods Shirt

Nomad Logistics


North Boulder Dental

North End at 4580

North Italia Restaurant

North Pole

North Star Foods

North West Roofing

Nothing Bundt Cakes – Boulder

Oliver Photography

Omni Interlocken Golf Club & Resort



Onyx Massage Therapy

Open Door Real Estate

Open the Sea LLC

Optimal Home Care

Oracle Corporation

Oskar Blues Brewery

Ovintiv Canada ULC

Ozo Coffee

P & A Tire & Auto Service, Inc.

Painting with a Twist

Panera Bread

Pappardelle’s Pasta Company

Par 4 Entertainment

Partners Credit and Verification Solutions


Pastifico Boulder

PEAK Acting Studios

Peak Refreshments, LLC

Pedego Electric Bikes Boulder

Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures

Pei Wei Lowry

Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille

Peterson & Cooke


Phoenix Realty & Property Mgmt, Inc.

Piece, Love & Chocolate

PMG Lending – 8Z

Popsockets, LLC

Practice Studios

Premiere Copier Inc

Princeton Properties

Property Resources, Inc.

Proto’s Pizza

Proud House Studio & Co.

PSD Counseling, LLC

Purely Elizabeth

Rags Consignments

RC Special Events

Re/Max – Urban Properties

Red Moon Jewelry

REEE Mechanical

RevGen Partners

Rhino Logistics

Riffs Urban Fare

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

River and Woods

Riverdale Womens Golf Association

Rock Family Farms

Rocky Mountain Anglers

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL

Rocky Mountain Spice Company

Rocky Vista University LLC

Rolling Smoke BBQ

Rudi’s Organic Bakery

S&D Marketing and Advertising

Sage Hospitality

Salto Coffee Works

Sanitas Skincare

Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop Boulder

Scaled Agile, Inc.

SDV Photo


Sequel Venture Partners

Shamane’s Bake Shoppe

SmithKlein Gallery

Sogno Toscano


Sounds True, Inc.


Spotless Cleaning Services LLC

Stanbrick Dental

Starbucks – University Hills


Steakhouse 316


St Julien Hotel & Spa

Stout Street Social

Subaru of America, Inc.

Suerte Tequila

Sweep Balayage Bar

Sweet Bird Studio, Inc.

Sweet Cow Highlands

Sweetwave Audio

Michelle With a Donation From Michelle Trudgeon Properties


Taste of Denver Food Tours

Taylor Moving and Storage, LLC

Tebo Properties

Tender Belly

The Bar Method Stapleton

The Bloody Mary Co

The Buff Restaurant

The Gart Companies

The Greenbriar Inn

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Laughing Goat

The Markel Group, LLC

The McElveen Agency

The Melting Pot

The Original Pancake House

The Saratoga Charitable Foundation

The Sunderland Group, Inc

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Three Circle Soil & Gas, LLC

Timbuk Toys – University Hills

TNC Drywall, Inc.

Todd Reed, Inc.

Toddy, LLC

Total Wine & More

TouchSource LLC

Trendz Boutique


Tru Moving LLC

TS Consulting

Tune Tech Automotive/Rackley Automotive Inc.

Twig Hair Salon

Twitter Boulder

U.S. Engineering Company


Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns LLC

Uniquely Productions, LLC

United Capital

University Auto Parts

University of Colorado Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Uprooted LLC

Upslope Brewing Company

Ur Ride


Vanessa’s Cleaning Service

Vasu Skin Solutions


Vista Realty

VMware Foundation

Volio Imports

Walgreens – Boulder

PetSmart Donates 700 Stuffed Animals

Walnut Cafe

Wana Brands

Warehouse Liquor Mart

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Watts Up LED, LLC

We Don’t Waste


Westerra Credit Union

Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation

Wild Women Wine

Wine Country Network, Inc.

Wines For Humanity

Wolfsong Wellness

Woods & Son Piano Company

Wyatt Properties, LLC

Yard House

Yo Colorado

Z2 Entertainment

Zerbey-Wagstaff Holdings, Inc.

Zim Consulting

Zivaro, Inc

Zyr Vodka


Amp The Cause

Arapahoe High School Boys Basketball Team

Belleview Elementary School

Bethany Lutheran Church

Bin Blessed

Boulder Cancer Fighters

Students at Kent Denver Decorate Bags

Boulder Flatirons Rotary

Boulder High School

Boulder JCC

Boys Team Charity-Mile High

Boys Team Charity-Slopeside

Charles Hay World School

Cherry Hills Christian Middle School

Colonnade Children’s Center

Colorado Association of Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors

Colorado Corvette Club

Community First Foundation Jeffco

Community Food Share

Community Shares of Colorado

Congregation Har Hashem

Cub Scout Pack 179

Denver Jewish Day School

Douglas County 4-H Wranglers


Fairview High School

Fiske Planetarium

Girl Scout Troop 67349

Guys Who Give

Harmony Preschool

Heart Strides

Hope Worldwide – Denver Chapter

Jewish Colorado

Kent Denver School

Kids Love Kindness

Kiwanis Club of Longmont

Knitting 4 Peace

Lafayette Senior Citizens Center

Lazaro Project

Longmont MOPS

Masks Now

Metro Caring

Monarch K-8

MOPS Lafayette

Mother House

National Charity League – Rocky Mountain

Octopus For A Preemie Local Denver Metro CO

Plumbers Local Union 3

Project Our Town

Regis University

Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot

Rose Women’s Organization

Spirit of Christ Catholic Community

St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church

The Denver Hospice

The Knitting Guild of Denver

Trailhead Institute

Treasure House of Hope

United Way-Northern Colorado

University of Virginia Alumni Group

Joan of Knitting 4 Peace With Handmade Items





AEC Trust

Albertsons-Safeway Foundation

Allstate Foundation c/o Cybergrants

AmazonSmiles Foundation

Amy Howard and Scott Hunsaker Fund

Andrew Dreskin and Maria Raven Charitable Fund


Anna and Jack Kim Charitable Fund

Arizmendi Family Gift Fund

ASIS Foundation

Baer Family Giving Fund

Bernard Family Fund

Boedecker Foundation

Bogen Family Charitable Trust

BOK Financial Foundation

Bortz-Boyer Family Charitable Fund

Bostick-Lyons Charitable Trust

Boulder Community Health Foundation

Campbell Foundation Fund

Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation

Charles Schwab Foundation

Chick-Fil-A Foundation

City of Thornton

Cohen Family Foundation

Community First Foundation

Community Foundation of Boulder County

Daniel Paul and Barbara Ann Horwitz Foundation

Daniels Family Foundation

David & Marcie Rhodes & Family Fund

David J. and Linda A. Cornfield Fund at Seattle Foundation

DCP Midstream Charitable Fund

Dana Shops with Rich for Donations

Denver Kiwanis Foundation

Douglass Family Gift Fund

Durant Foundation Inc.

Emily Joe Raznick Donor-Advised Fund of the Jewish

Federation of Omaha Foundation

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Estate Of Shirley J. Beaty

Ezulwini Foundation, Inc.

Firman Fund

Gadde Homsany Family Fund

Gail Goldstein Raznick Donor Advised Fund

Gallop Family Foundation

Gates Industrial Corporation Foundation

Green Fund

Helen B Beuf Donor Advised Fund

Hemera Regnant Fund

Herbert & Peggy Stockham Family Foundation

I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation

Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, Western Division

J.A. Wedum Foundation

J.F. Maddox Foundation

Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation

James Talcott Fund

Joan and Warren Teigen Family Fund of Central Minnesota Community Foundation

Joseph Alan Cope Charitable Gift Fund

Kabacoff Family Foundation

Kenneth King Foundation

K Financial Foundation, Inc.

Kip and Linda White Charitable Fund

Klein Family Giving Fund

Medtronic Employee at Team Chop

L&N Andreas Foundation

Lennar Foundation

Marsha and Linda Take Inventory of Games

The GE Foundation

The James and Alvina Bartos Balog Foundation

The John & Judy Brooks Family Foundation

The Koranda Family Foundation

The Michael & Nancy Berman Family Foundation

The OAK Foundation

Lewis Snitman Family Charitable Fund

Lone Tree Farm Fund

Longmont Community Foundation

MacGill 1969 Trust

McIntyre Family Fund

Medtronic Philanthropy

Mel and Gale Beauprez Family Fund

Michele and Brad Moore Family Foundation

Never Summer Gift Fund

ONEHOPE Foundation

OneRepublic Good Life Foundation

Parascript Foundation

Peter and Arlene Heinz Foundation

Peter and Paula Fasseas Foundation

Poplar Family Fund

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Richard R. Reed Foundation

Ricky Riggs Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Alliance Children’s Foundation

Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation

Rollie and Josie Heath Family Fund

Rose Community Foundation

Sammy and Paula Henderson Fund

Scholz-Alschuler Fund

Shannon Family Foundation

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Starting Line Foundation

Steiner-King Foundation

Stevens Family Fund

Stonehocker Family Foundation

Suitts Family Foundation

The Anschutz Foundation

The Atler Family Fund

The Blum Family Foundation

The Colorado COVID Relief Fund

The Denver Foundation

The Dia and Garret Savage Fund

The Douglass Family Foundation

The Salah Foundation

The Schramm Foundation

The Shoong Family Foundation

The Spritzer Family Fund

The Telluray Foundation

The William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.

Tour of Gratitude! Fund of Greater Horizons

Tulloch Murray Family Charitable Fund

Dana and Paula Thank the OAK Foundation

Twisted Foundation

Vanguard Charitable

Virginia W. Hill Foundation

West Family Foundation

Williams-Malone Foundation, Inc

Xcel Energy Foundation


40 Hands in Forty Days

100 Fifties for 50 Years of GOOD LIVIN’…Cassy’s Birthday Facebook Fundraiser

Acorn Preschool Holiday Drive

Alli’s Fundraiser

Aloha Offering Sacred Heart

Arapahoe Boys Basketball Team Drive

Automox Drive

Babies Gordon Facebook Fundraiser

Band on the Bricks

Christina's Shopping Day

Let’s Party Like Girls – Teresa Swanstrom Anderson

LizAnn Nelson Holiday Drive

Lovely Liberal Dance Party

Care Bins Quarterly Drives

Channel Maven/Boulder JCC Drive

Charles Hay World School Kindergarten Class Fundraiser

Charles Schwab Stock Service Plan

Flatirons Terrace Holiday Drive

Friendsgiving – Andrew Wien and Friends

Fundraiser In Honor Of Andrew Jaffee

Fundraiser in Memory Of Eliana

Luke Regnier CU Boulder Student Go Fund Me Campaign

Lynn Ryan and Sue Lepping Holiday Party

Mark and Nancy Winski Drive

MAX CARES – MAX Clothing 35th Anniversary Fundraiser

Pairsine Wine Downtown Denver

Paul Morrison Colours Holiday Drive

Plumbers Local Union 3 Drive

Premier Mortgage Group Drive

Proud House Holiday Gift Bazaar

Rachel Abrams’ Facebook Fundraiser

Reason to Rhyme Vinyl Kickback

Regis Baseball Halloween Fundraiser

Regis University Shark Tank

Skate With Care

Snarf’s Holiday Toy Drive

Splunk Employee Drive

St. Baldrick’s

St. Louis Catholic School Cereal Drive

St. Thomas More Catholic School Drive

Subaru Share The Love Campaign

Sweep Balayage Bar Raffle

Taco Passport

Tebo Christmas Party Toy Drive

The Hamilton Group's Broncos Watch Party for Calais Campbell's "Season of Giving" 

Giving Tuesday Now

Golfers Who Bowl Drive

Green Chef Holiday Drive

Harmony Preschool Garage Sale

Holman Enterprises Employee Fundraiser

Barnes & Noble Book Fair & Gift Wrapping

Bethany Lutheran Church Drive

Bin Blessed Giving Tree Holiday Drive

Bin Blessed Monthly Bins

Blackbelly Newsletter

Boulder Burgundy Festival

Boulder Hotel/Motel Association Gift Card Drive

Boulder Rotary Club Coat Drive

Boys Team Charity Mile High Chapter Drive

Boys Team Charity Slopeside Chapter Drive

Buddy Day The Country Club At Castle Pines

Builders for Babies – Home Aid and Abby & Finn Diaper Drive

by Elke Holiday Weekend Fundraiser

Cards For A Cause – Susan Duffy

Cherry Hills Christian School Drive

Christer Horvath Facebook Fundraiser

Christina’s Shopping Day

Colby Evans’ Front Steps Project

Colonnade Children’s Center Drive

Congregation Har Hashem Drive

Cub Scout Troop 179 Holiday Drive

Danielle’s Giving Tuesday Fundraiser

Dawson Mills Eagle Scout Volunteer Project

Dean Callan Mask Promo

Del Frisco’s Denver Golf Experience Fundraiser

Denver International Wine Festival

Dual Star Academy of Dance “Dance for a Difference”

Fairview High School National Honor Society Silent Auction

Hope Worldwide Holiday Drive

Infinity Business Leaders Fundraiser

J.D. Williams Boulder Cotillion

Jack Benson Eagle Scout Volunteer Project

Jlounge Skincare Services Promotion

Keller Williams/Sandi Osoro Open House Drive

Kendra Scott Gives Back

Kent Denver School Drive

Kristy McGowan’s 4th Annual Charity Prom: Dancing At Home

Kyra Cares Rayback Collective

Lacy’s Fundraiser

Lari Abraham’s Donation Drive

Laughing Man Coffee/Bustle Media Fundraiser

Leela Grace Jewelry Party

McREL International Christmas Luncheon FundraiserMedtronic Virtual Baby Drive

Medtronic Virtual Baby Drive

Meghan Dilks Montgomery Facebook Fundraiser

Molly’s 7th Birthday Fundraiser

Monarch K-8 Fundraiser

MOPS – Lafayette Food Drive

Morrison Team 24-hr Challenge

Remax Elevate Louisville Holiday Drive

Remax Urban Properties Holiday Drive

Rhiannon’s Birthday Fundraiser

Rhiannon’s Giving Tuesday Fundraiser

Riverdale Dunes Golf Tournament

Rock Creek Neighborhood Drive

Rocky Mountain Beer Festival

Tequila Tasting at the Rio

The Good Kind Facebook Live Concert

The Hamilton Group and Calais Campbell’s “Season of Giving”

The Kalush Group Wishlist Fundraiser

The Toaster Project

Timolyn Esson’s Front Steps Project

Tom Felton House Party Instagram Fundraiser

U.S. Engineering Invites Joseph to Its Golf Tournament

Touchstone Apartments Holiday Drive

Twitter Cereal Drive

Uniquely Holiday Art & Gift Fair

U.S. Engineering Company Drive

UVA Alumni Drive

Vertafore Company Drive

Vicki Piers Christmas Ornament Exchange

Mountain Kids Annual Fundraisers Sweet Heart Party

Moxie Moms Drive

Natasha Kelly Cookie Swap Party

National Charity League Rocky Mountain Chapter Drive

Olivia McKeen’s $5 Challenge Fundraiser

Sacred Heart Of Mary/Trenton Fano Drive

Sam Stone Eagle Scout Volunteer Project

Sarah Galdieri Neighborhood Drive

Skate For A Cause Day – Blazen Illuminations

Weekends Shopping Event

Will Seawell’s Produce Drive

Zachary Girard’s CU Boulder Business Student Project

Zarah’s 8th Birthday Fundraiser

Zolo’s Holiday Toy Drive


Amazon Marketing

Anthem Branding

Audi Flatirons



Bobo’s Oat Bars

Boulder High School

Boulder High School Rotary Interact Club

Boulder Mormon Missionary Ward

Boulder Universal


Boys Team Charity

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Channel Maven Consulting

Charles Schwab

Cherry Hills Christian Middle School

Cherry Hills Village Elementary School


Conscience Bay Company

Core Power Yoga North Boulder


Danone North America

Dawson 10th Grade

Dean Callan

Delta Sigma Pi – CU

Denver Academy

UBS Financial Services Employees Volunteer at Team Chop

Louisville Middle School

McREL International


National Charity League Boulder

National Charity League Denver

Dual Star Academy Of Dance

Enterprise Holdings Boulder

Family Learning Center


Growing Gardens

Hope Worldwide

International English Center

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

KeHE Distributors

Kent Denver School

K Financial

Kids Love Kindness

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

Little Secrets

New Vista High School


Premier Mortgage Group

Project Our Town

Rocky Mountain Gator Club

S & D Marketing

Scaled Agile

Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare


The Kalinski Group of Re/Max

Todd Reed

UBS Financial Services

University of Colorado

Upslope Brewing Company

Vail Resorts


Westminster Broomfield Junior Optimist Club


Z2 Entertainment