OneRepublic CARES

OneRepublic Has Launched ONEREPUBLIC CARES to Help Benefit There With Care

“My wife and I were invited to a charity auction for There With Care a few years ago by our pediatrician, we were so moved and touched by all the stories, we couldn’t help but be a part of it somehow. It was just so moving to us to be able to help these families in need and to give them the opportunity to spend time with their children while they’re sick and going through such terrible times in their life.

We are honored to be a partner in helping these families going through some of the most difficult times of life, we hope you will join us too in supporting There With Care.  “

– Eddie Fisher, OneRepublic

Ways to Help Families

1. Purchase Needed Items

Use OneRepublic CARES Amazon List to purchase items for families to be shipped directly to There With Care.


2. Make a Donation

Donate to OneRepublic CARES to help continue the care to families in a medical crisis. 

$100 provides a family leaving the NICU w/ baby items and a car seat.

$50 provides a family with gas assistance for one month to get to and from the hospital.

$25 provides a family with a hospital bedside food bag.

$10 provides laundrdetergent and dish soap for a family.

$5 provides baby wipes to a family leaving the neo-natal ICU.


3. Attend Event

Attend Barefoot on the Red Carpet to help continue the care to families in a medical crisis. 


AUCTION ITEM: OneRepublic Personalized Video

Get your personalized video message from a member of OneRepublic. Message can be personalized for a birthday, anniversary or special person in your life. The message will be created by a band member from information submitted by the winner.