Max Martinez, Founder of Max Clothing Stores

MAX Clothing Stores Announces MAX CARES Match

“Hearing of three year-old Jimmy-Rey’s battle with brain cancer struck a chord in my heart that I needed to do everything possible to support families who are enduring a life-threatening illness with their child, particularly in this already difficult time. My mother devoted her life to serving others, so in her honor, I invite you to join me in supporting families facing a medical crisis. Now through the end of the year, I will double all donations up to $10,000. Please mention MAX CARES in your donation note, and thank you for joining me in giving!” – Max Martinez
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Join Us In Giving

1. Purchase Needed Items

Use MAX CARES’ Amazon List to purchase items for families to be shipped directly to There With Care.

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2. Make a Donation

Donate to MAX CARES to help continue the care to families in a medical crisis. 

$10,000 ensures two families will receive support to hold them throughout the length of their medical crisis.

$5,000 helps one family throughout their medical crisis, or provides 50 families with gas to get to treatments and 50 families with cleaning product bags.

$2,500 provides 100 families with supplemental groceries.

$1,000 provides 40 families with toiletry bags.

$500 provides 20 families with hospital bedside food bags.