Max Martinez, Founder of Max Clothing Stores

MAX Clothing Stores Have Launched MAX CARES to Help Benefit There With Care

“My mother believed that service to others was the key to happiness in life, so I firmly believe she, through divine intervention, orchestrated me meeting Paula. It’s become my mission, honor, and greatest happiness to support There With Care as the services they provide children and their families is critically important work. Thank you for joining our drive!” – Max Martinez

Ways to Help Families

1. Purchase Needed Items

Use MAX CARES’ Amazon List to purchase items for families to be shipped directly to There With Care.

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2. Make a Donation

Donate to MAX CARES to help continue the care to families in a medical crisis. 

$10,000 ensures two families will receive support to hold them throughout the length of their medical crisis.

$5,000 helps one family throughout their medical crisis, or provides 50 families with gas to get to treatments and 50 families with cleaning product bags.

$2,500 provides 100 families with supplemental groceries.

$1,000 provides 40 families with toiletry bags.

$500 provides 20 families with hospital bedside food bags.