COVID-19 Update

Love. Community. Care

We are grateful to everyone who has helped us be there for the families we serve. Together we will get through this and hope you find comfort in knowing that although we are apart, we are all still connected in our hearts.

Under Safer At Home, There With Care is considered an essential service and we must continue to show up for the families by adapting our delivery of programs and care.

As critical illness and treatments have not stopped for the families we are currently serving, we are also receiving new cases that are highly critical. The hospitals have expressed that the families need our support now more than ever and, in some cases, we are their only resource.

We need your help with our Response Fund.

With so much shut down, our supply chain through drives and community events have also come to a stop, and many people have reached out asking for ways they can help.

To sustain our programs, we have set up a Response Fund. This fund will allow us to quickly purchase items as we are able to source them.

Your donation can help us sustain these families at a time when they are already fragile and their stability threatened. Bringing them crucial support, will help to ease these stresses at a time of increased isolation.

With your support we can:

Purchase Grocery and Gas Cards

Families still need help to get to/from hospital treatments and, for the families we are unable to reach with a delivery, we can purchase grocery and gas gift cards, so they can purchase needed staples and have help with transportation to hospital treatments.

15 Beautiful Families from 15 Years of Care

The best way people can help is to make a donation.


Purchase Cleaning and Paper Products

Many of the families we support have children who are immune compromised. We are sourcing, purchasing and delivering cleaning supplies and available paper products.

Purchase Non-Perishable Food and Essential Toiletry Items

Previously, these items were gathered through community drives or groups helping to underwrite and assemble Easy Meal Care Bags (non-perishable food items), and Family Toiletry Bags (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.). With this supply chain interrupted, we now need to purchase and assemble these items with the help of our staff.

On behalf of everyone at There With Care, thank you for your consideration in helping us to be there for the families when they need it the most. We send positive thoughts for you and your loved ones, and as always, we hold the families we serve close in our hearts. We will get through this together.

With love and care,


Paula DuPré Pesmen
Founder and Executive Director