Our Board and Staff

With the support of our board and staff, There With Care is grateful for the incredible support we receive from the hundreds of volunteers each year. Always with our heart on the families we serve, we thank our community for joining us in care. Below please meet our board of directors and staff.

Board of Directors


Current Board

Amy Carpenter

Board Chairperson

Michael Barnathan

President, 1492 Pictures

Pamela M. Bernal

Co-Founder P2P Alliance; Executive Coach and Mentor advising small for-profit and non-profit ventures

Sheri Bernal

Global Brands HR Vice President, VF Corporation

Ruchi Brunvand


Geoffrey Hansen

Film Producer, 1st Assistant Director

Kirsten Heckendorf

Talent Buyer at ValsList.com

John Marlow

Associate Vice President, U.S. Engineering Company

Jody Mathie, M.D.

Founder, Cherry Creek Pediatrics

Rwenshaun Miller

Mental Health Change Agent

Paula DuPré Pesmen

Executive Director, There With Care; Film Producer

Anne Trujillo

Anchor, Denver7News

Jacqueline van Someren

Venture Capitalist/Philanthropist

Stephen Webster

Sales and Business Development Executive, Charter Communications, Inc.


Advisory Board

  • Jane Butcher, Philanthropist, Co-Chairperson Conference of World Affairs, CU Boulder, and Co-Chairperson, Mother Jones Magazine
  • Adam Fell, President Quincy Jones Productions
  • Linda Gray, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL
  • Dr. Daphne A. Haas-Kogan, Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School
  • Anne Hanson, Director of Philanthropy, Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, Denver, CO
  • Wendy Kahn-Robson, Realtor, Boulder, CO
  • Mary Lee, Philanthropist, Community Member, Boulder, CO
  • Tommi McHugh, MA, CCLS at Children’s Hospital Colorado 
  • Devon Murray, “Harry Potter” Actor, “Seamus”
  • Caritina Yanez, Social Worker, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL, Denver, CO
  • Dr. Julie Zimbelman, Rocky Mountain Pediatric Hematology Oncology, Denver, CO


Honorary Board

Chris Columbus

Honorary Board Member; Director, Producer, and Screenwriter

Diane Nelson

Honorary Board Member

Mimi Roberson

Honorary Board Member, CEO, Roberson Consulting Group LLC



Executive Director

Paula DuPré Pesmen

Founder and Executive Director


Marketing and Communications

Cassy Matthews

Marketing and Communications Director

Betsy Edwards

Marketing Associate

Lisa Hodnet

Marketing Associate

Celia Turner

Marketing Associate



Dana Bacardi

Vice President of Development

Olivia Ameigh

Boulder Development Director

Mellenie Goebel

Denver Development Director

Katie Hegg

Community Development Associate - Boulder

Bill Campbell, PhD

Grants Director

Kristina Miller Olsen

Grants Strategist

Shanna Lawless

Events Director and Special Projects


Programs and Volunteers

Mary Beth Appel

Vice President of Programs and Volunteers

Andrea Mosher

Program Director

Julie Hess

Program Coordinator

Sandra Mallea Llosa

Program Coordinator - Bilingual Spanish

Melissa Hart

Program Coordinator

Hannah Savadkohi

Program Coordinator

Susan Domeracki

Volunteer Director

Jordan Sullivan

Volunteer Coordinator - Denver

Beth Botansky

Volunteer Associate

Suzanne Spencer

Volunteer Coordinator - Boulder

Ginger Cooley

Group Engagement Coordinator - Boulder



Hank Pennington

Vice President of Operations

Ryan Bateman

Staff Accountant

Deb Smith


Robin Spitz

Systems Manager

Kris Carius

Systems Support

Liz Ward

Operations Manager

Rachel Siler

Denver Community Space Coordinator

Marina Florian

Denver Community Space Coordinator

Cate Buck

Operations Coordinator - Boulder

Danielle Calabrese

Operations Coordinator - Denver