National Expansion

There With Care’s National Expansion

As There With Care has gained greater recognition for the services we provide, Children’s Hospitals across the country have contacted us and asked There With Care to bring our model to their communities. We are responding by establishing an “Honorary Founders” Fund to help us establish There With Care chapters.

For more information on the Honorary Founders Fund contact Dana Bacardi:

There With Care of the Bay Area

In January of 2012, the Bay Area Chapter of There With Care in Northern California opened its doors supporting families facing a medical crisis.
National Expansion: Bay Area

Chapter Structure

There With Care’s Chapters will be non profit Corporations established in each state. It will operate under the National There With Care umbrella from an IRS non-profit ruling perspective, but as a separate legal entity from incorporation, operating and liability perspective.

The Executive Director of each Chapter will report to a local Board of Directors that is responsible for local management, liability, relationship building, income tax filing and fund raising.

The National Organization provides the framework for the Chapter. This includes program guidelines, business process templates, communications materials, marketing materials, web site, database systems, and procedure manuals. The National Organization trains and provides on-going support to the Chapter.

For more information about our expansion contact Amy Carpenter:

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