Family Criteria

There With Care families come to us through a referral network made up of social workers at 12 medical institutions across Colorado. These professionals understand the medical condition, financial situation and support systems of each family.

There With Care serves children and families facing critical illnesses who fall into three categories:

  • Children with critical illnesses – referred to There With Care by our affiliate hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Level 3 critically ill babies at NICU’s in three hospitals.  These children are often premature (weighing 1 pound or less) and many are born with tumors, brain bleeds, etc.  They fall into the category of life threatening illnesses.
  • Parents with critical illnesses that are referred to TWC by the TEBO Cancer Center. The adults selected are facing a critical illness and they must have young children in the home.

There With Care families receive services during the critical phase of a medical crisis. The timeframe for services is unique to the circumstances of each individual family and is determined by the Program Coordinators and the medical Social Workers.  When a patient is transitioned into maintenance or has moved from the critical phase of their treatments, the family is transitioned from services.  This allows services to be moved to other families going through a medical crisis.

A list of the agencies in our network is listed on the Facilities We Serve page.

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