Holiday Care Programs 2016

During the holidays, our focus is to give our families the gift of time. It is difficult for parents to prepare a family holiday meal and to purchase gifts when they may be living in the hospital and caring full-time for their ill child. A medical crisis can also quickly change a family’s financial stability when they are suddenly faced with large medical bills or when one parent must leave their job to care for their ill child.

Listed below are the different options that There With Care is coordinating for the families we are serving this holiday season.


During the Thanksgiving Holiday you are matched with a family to purchase and delivery a precooked Holiday Meal.

  • Sponsors are encouraged to deliver the meals to the family on Tuesday, Nov. 21st through the morning of Thursday, Nov. 24th.
  • Meals costs average $75 for a family of 4 depending on size of family and place of purchase.


During the December Holidays, There With Care sponsors are matched with a family to purchased gifts and a precooked Holiday meal. Many times the gifts that you, as a sponsor, provide are the only gifts that the family receives. Sometimes families ask for practical items, and other times they are typical things that a child may be wishing for that will lift their spirits and give them care.

  • We ask that the sponsor provide 2 or 3 gifts for each person in the family (including the sick child, siblings and parents)
  • We ask that the price range for gifts for each person be between $50-$60
  • Sponsors are encouraged to deliver the meal and gifts to the family the week of Dec. 19th.
  • Meals costs average $75 for a family of 4 depending on size of family and place of purchase.



If sponsors are unable to deliver to the family, There With Care coordinates a delivery team to deliver the meals and gifts. Please email to join Team Delivery and receive more information.


During the holidays, many of our families will still be traveling to the hospital, needing diapers, groceries and every-day supplies. Another simple way you and your family can support There With Care is to provide families with transportation assistance by providing gift cards for gas (available at most Shell Stations, etc.), grocery assistance or Target and WalMart cards to purchase day-to-day necessities.

  • These items may be dropped off at our Boulder Office or Denver Community Space.

Please email if you have specific questions or would like more information about the program.

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