Ways To Help

When a family faces a critical illness, life changes in an instant.

We rely on the support of caring individuals, corporations, and foundations so that we can help families going through treatment for a life threatening illness.

Because of our supportive community There With Care is able to…

  • offer a ride so a parent can comfort her sick child on the way to treatment
  • provide essential items for babies coming home from the NICU (Neo-natal ICU)
  • deep clean a home for an immune compromised child
  • listen and offer support to a frightened parent
  • support siblings so that parents can focus on their ill child
  • offer family therapy to help hold families together when they need it most

… and many other helpful ways to be there for families facing a medical crisis.

Consider one of the many ways you can join us.

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We welcome your ideas and look forward to having you join our Volunteer community (Kelly@therewithcare.org).

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